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Toward a Trip

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For graduates

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...to a whole new world of enjoyment,
adventure and happiness
Punta Cana

For retirement

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For birthday

Text Box: A Gift That is Undefined
     A gift certificate is a great way to give a gift to someone 
 that you have no idea what to buy. This type of gift allows you to
have flexibility about how much you want to spend and also allows
you the power to control where it is spent.

	    Let Travel Team design a gift certificate for you!

    Your personalized gift certificate can be for a specific travel 
destination or a predetermined value which can be used toward
a trip the receiver would like to take in the future...
		       Airline Tickets, Cruises, Tours.  		
			          Your choice!
And the really good news is, unlike some gift cards, there is
No activation fee,  No monthly maintenance fee and 
when you  purchase your certificate from